Exploring Different Locks To Pick The Perfect Locking Solution

The idea of home safety and protection of your loved ones starts at the time when you select the locking system for your house. It is very common to get confused with the options when you are looking for the most suitable lock for your house. The primary aim is to get the security which may vary depending upon the area of installation. Mulberry Locksmith provides you huge range of locks which you can select according to your style and security needs. Most of the time people keep the idea of locks to be related to aesthetics of house, however the higher focus must be kept at security.

There are multiple options available in the market which you can easily buy from the hardware stores. These locks are designed according to the international standards of the security and the hardware association rules. If you are looking for the better locking security you can get those with additional strike plates which can prevent forced breakthrough. However, it is recommended to take the help of some professional services like Locksmith Services in Greenwich Village to help you get better solution and installation.

If you are looking for some locking solution for the areas which do not require any high security locks then you can get the slip bolt locks. They may be considered as weak security solution but are very reasonable in cost and easy to get installed in place. These locks are vulnerable because they can be easily unlocked with tools which can change spring position. Intruders can get through these locks easily with the help of hammer or wrenches. These locks can be considered in not so strong category.

Next are the standard deadbolt locks which are considered to be in stronger category as compared to slip bolt locks. The deadbolt locks has three components which include lock throw which moves or slides in door jamb, a key for outside locking and a thumb turn for locking from inside. Steel, brass and bronze locks are suggested material for getting deadbolt locks which are stronger against any impact made to break.

The strongest solution to the house security are the double cylinder vertical deadbolt locks. They are the most trusted locking solution which can be used at the areas where you need maximum security. The vertical deadbolt locks are designed to avoid any separation of strike plate from the door. These types of lock require key to get unlocked from both inside and outside.

It is important to understand that there is no locking solution which can be considered to be 100 percent secure against the breakthroughs. However, installing a better locking solution can help you with reducing the chances of intruder activity in your house. Although, you can always ask for professional assistance from experts like Locksmith Soho services to get the best solution to your locking solution needs.